Cool Cat

Hello there. Now I know not everyone is a cat lover. I totally don’t judge. To be honest my cat was my first baby, and now she’s older and has become somewhat moody but I know it’s because she has climbed down the cuddle ladder and is now in 4rd place. Poor thing.

There is a idea I have had for years. To write a book. Many kinds of books actually and many story lines but this one is one that NEVER fades from my mind.

“The Tales Of Moo Cat”

I will get there. One day I’ll be able to sit and do the tales of our beloved Moo. But now, I thought I would share some really cool ideas for any cat lovers out there. Trust me, with these crazy cool ideas no cat will be in anything but 1st place ♥

Gorgeous right??!!








Pic source: Casicca  , homespothq, pinterest, crookenbrainsdesign42day, remodelista




Good morning. Now I know there is a lot of love out there for Black, Charcoal and Night Jewell#2. I am one of those who have indeed falling in love with that dark side. However, my heart honestly still skips a beat when I see warm & welcoming white decor & spaces.

It is quite hard to decide which I love best.

Here is some eye candy for you ♥



Source: Inside Out

No more excuses …

Thanks to a really good book recommended by great pals, Be Your Own Financial Advisor by Warren Ingram; I have been introduced to a wonderful app some of you might know.

If you have not heard of 22SEVEN then read on.

22SEVEN 22

This is a brilliant and SAFE app from Old Mutual that allows you to place all your income and expenses under 1 umbrella. The aim is to get your finances in order and managed in the best way. What I appreciate about this app is three things (girls point of view)

1- It’s easy to look at, follow & use. No complicated accounting eyesores.

2- It is so friendly. Including the support panel they offer. I was able to speak to someone from 22SEVEN who answered all my questions and when I mentioned how impressed I was on his quick response (like 3 seconds) He said ”Thats how we roll here”.  I asked Adam’Sven’about the security of having all your banking details and account pins on the app and he sent me a great email reassuring me on their #1 priority SAFETY. He went on to saying …

22seven is as safe as your online banking service. We, along with our partner, Yodlee, make sure your security credentials are completely protected. Yodlee is an international account aggregator that works with over 300 financial institutions worldwide. Security is their business. They are the biggest and the best at collecting information in this way. They do it for nearly 50-million people around the world and their platform is used by 7 of the top 10 US financial institutions.

In SA Nedbank, Investec and Sage Pastel also use them. Yodlee also hold patents in information security and data aggregation. You can learn more about Yodlee’s security here ( and our security here (

He also said …

At the end of the day, your personal banking details are securely encrypted and stored in one of the best and most secure data vaults in the world. They are not kept with 22seven at all! In fact, no human being (except you) will ever see your banking information or login credentials ever.

If you check them out there is also great posts on their BLOG. They are a fun bunch of people really making that daunting ‘financial world’ a breeze to manage and relate to. So no more excuses. Invest and manage your money right!

I think its time, if you have not already, to check out this great FREE app here.



bathroom small & simple

I am a lover of white – I do love the clean, fresh feel it gives any room.

However, I do tend to veer towards a darker companion for a white canvas…
I have found this interesting bathroom quite appealing. The small bath is perfect for kids and to double as a shower. I’m not sure it’s not as practical as I romanticise it to be but hey its a winner none the less.
Seen via The Design Files homes.