Kids Rooms

Hello everyone. Its been a long, long time hasn’t it? I’m hoping to be with you guys a lot more now and to show you there very things that make my heart tick and that make my life easier in life- now that I have 2 kids and a busy household.

One of the places I stream my inspiration from is HomeToLove from in Oz and NZ. Their simple way of interior styling and choices are always a delight. I’ve always been a fan of Ozzie style, if you’ve known my blog post in the past you cant deny my loyalty to them.

So today is no different. I wanted to show you a few great ideas for kids rooms. All pics from a gorgous homes featured on HomeToLoveOZ.

They are all very different from each other . Who says you need to keep the same vibe in every room? And who says it has to be full of fluff?

All pictures below inspired me because they are practical but took time to bring in the child’s character and that’s what it’s all about. I know that rooms dont always look this perfect (Why not?! ha ha) But you can get the vibe and you can receive the charm of the home owners heart ♥♥♥



Bone Broth lovin

Bone broth bone broth bone broth! I’m sure you’ve heard of it these days.

The medicinal values of this stuff far out ways the smell while cooking it or what it sounds like. It’s beyond AMAZING! I will never live without it. Never! Ever. Eevvveerrrr.

My daughter loves it! And she’s a fussy eater so that’s saying a lot. When I started eating it, I was quite weary and desperate to say the least. I needed to heal my gut. I needed to get ahead of the auto immune disease and to feel better.

After drinking if for a week I had 10 compliments in 1 day and started loosing weight. I stopped craving wrong food. My skin looked healthier and my gut felt better. I then did the Chicken broth and ended up totally emptying my stomach and detoxing for 4 days. My stomach was healing!!!! It was phenomenal.

It’s a journey and by far one that must not involve a love affair. It’s s way of life incorporation it into your daily eating habits.

I recommend looking into the GAPS diet for any autistic or gut guidelines. I’m yet to do it properly and my son hates the broth but we will get there. Itsnot a weight loss program … i learnt that because i lost loads and stopped it at the wrong time, and put on more weight. The point is to keep at it everyday as its its a extra boost for your body. Not a way to loose weight. Its a way to heal your gut.

What’s the big deal you say? Bone broth has enormous healing compounds like proline, glutamine, collagen. It’s an anti inflammatory and healing the gut lining which I turn stops toxins from entering into your blood stream. It’s good for your bones, teeth, hair. It strengthens immune system and your gut function. Not only does it taste nice if you do it right it also creates gelatin which is super good for you. The fat on it is gooood fat. The body thrives off this super-broth and no wonder when you have a cold or flu they used to say chicken soup is best because the broth ‘soup’ really does boost your body to generate healing and you cannot help but fall in love with it.

Now be careful because you can get rubbish commercial stuff out on the shelf because NO! sugary ingredients are NOT allowed in it like to tomato paste etc. If you want the real deal.

A quick half an hour of cooking time just wont cut it. The secret to broth is the sslloooooooowwllyyy  draw out of the collagen from the marrow bones. I cook mine for 72 hours sometimes. It’s fabulous.

But go research it yourself and find out from the professional & amazing people like Sarah Wilson and nutritionist if you must get more wonderful info on it. But the real test is in drinking it. Just drink it without telling anyone for 10 days… And you’ll hear the comments& feel the difference.

Here’s how you start: (this is for beef broth)

  • Use a slow cooker on high.
  • Buy marrow bones, joint bones, necks or stewing meat with bones.
  • Apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs)
  • Garlic
  • Veggie salt & pepper
  • Cold water
  • Leeks, carrots (optional)

Then brown any of the pieces of bones that have meat on to clutch in the flavor. Use your oven on 180′.

While that’s going on, place cold water in the slow cooker, add your WASHED bones, your chopped /crushed garlic , salt and pepper.

Add only a dash of Apple cider vinegar. This aids in drawing out the collagen.

Add browned meat once the water has been heated up. And cook away for anything from 12 to 72 hours!

{Once cooked}

Cool broth down. Take out bones. Place in fridge once cooled. A thin layer of fat will form. It’s easily removable. Discard it. Or eat it – it’s golden good fat. I think it keeps in fridge for 5 days and you can use it to cook with.

I place the broth&meat into either

  1. Ice cube trays to freeze
  2. Or zip seal bags mini size to freeze

That was I get to take out cubes or pocket size portions to warm up on the gas stove whenever I like.

Easy. Easy. Easy.

I don’t take the meat out because I personally eat it as a meal and enjoy it like a cup of soup. Mine is quite organic and rough and not smooth clean liquid.

I have to make sure it’s like a soup so I can enjoy it like a meal. And not like a chore.

Enjoy it, it’s worth every drop. You can feel it do good straight away.

Lasts 5 days in fridge and 3 months in freezer.

(I’ll do chicken broth post soon)

Oh! And if my dog has funny tummy I give it to him too. Fixing him up no problem! Not sure how to prove that but it does ! Amazing right?!

Momentous 100%


Entrance Inspiration 

There is no doubt that my daily inspiration comes from hand selected sources. One of my favorite places to gaze my eye over is Homes To Love.

There is an instant atmosphere that comes when you step into someones home, taken from the entry space. Not everyone can have a perfect entry, I get that! But you can add your touch of charm, be it a coat rack, shelves or organised boxes for shoes and bags… Make your stamp. Create your entry atmosphere for your visitors to walk into.

Here is inspiration to get you going ♥♥


Small kitchens

Recently we did a granny flat renovation and so this computer and phone of mine did many, many hours of research on small kitchens. I HAVE INSPIRATION FOR DAYS! So I had to share it with you all.

The key points I can give you on renovating with a strict budget and with a rental in mind is the following.

  • It’s not personal, its income. So don’t get fussed about too much gorgeousness unless you plan to live there at some stage too.
  • Do your research on fittings and kitchen appliances. You can get really great discounts on these if you shop ahead of time or plan ahead.
  • Get a back up quote. This is not only for price, as the obvious reason; But should your initial tradesman not be able to do your work for whatever reason last-minute; you have someone’s quote you are happy with and can slot in schedule. Because building time; is building time and you don’t want to delay it in any way especially if you need to get it rented out.
  • The roof guy only does the roof! The plumber only does plumbing! etc. For example- Dont expect roofing guys to add the gutter unless you specify it and pay extra. The same goes for the builder because he thinks roof guys does it, you think either one of them surely included that right?! And there you have no gutter or budget for it.
  • Be extremely pedantic and particular about all your building quotes. No matter how amazing or not your tradesmen are. Add all the details in there. So you know exactly what you paying for and asked for. They may not be good at admin side, they good at their job, at doing the work that is their expertise so you have to be good at the admin side. Whether you like it or not.
  • Try and do whatever you can on your own. From buying + collecting materials to painting yourself. It cuts your costs down tremendously.
  • If you are renovating to rent decorate with a very neutral palette. There is no need to add too much colour. You not sure who is moving in, Dont waste money and emotions on that kind of thing.
  • Get a rental agent to get your tenant for you. It saves you a lot of hassle with checks and time wasters.

↓↓Here are some great small kitchens for you to drool over.


This is actually a boat house above !↑↑



↑↑Here are some great small kitchens for you to drool over.


Pic Source-Home to love OZ.

Corners Captured


Walking into a home can be a great moment, whether you live there or visiting. Better yet; when a photographer or you within your own  moment, captures a corner of a home. It is here that I believe inspiration comes and gets given to others to grasp and expand on. It’s here that we get motivated to do more with our own spaces and that’s why I love looking at these. They are timeless. Here are a few wonderful ideas and inspirations for you to drool over. Source Homes To Love OZ.