Notes from me


Today I want to talk about perspective. Have you ever thought when a situation comes up, what perspective you have?

Well I realize that the angle in which you look at a situation is so vitally important to have the best accurate and sincere result.

E.g.: your boss tells you that you have been taking too much “free time”. You can either get upset and maybe take it personally… but if you take yourself “out your box” and look at it from another perspective (not even your bosses perspective) but from your ethical perspective, you will probably find that they where right and that there is no reason to be offended, but to actually thank them for their constructive rebuke.

E.g.2: On the other side of the coin, should your boss tell you the above when you KNOW that you have NOT been taking the mickey out of “free” time … then instead of becoming a raging bull and regret what you say, change your perspective. Look at it from an un-personal view point and then you can confidently approach your boss, calmly and confidently, to stand up for yourself.

Many time we react out of emotion or role-play, when we should actually look at it at a different perspective.

If you can take hold of any given situation and really handle it the best way you can (and it might not be the easiest) then you have really mastered the way of unnecessary feelings that cause a bad day or down time or offense. It will in fact brighten up your days and make you fell better about yourself.

E.g.3: Your husband not relating to your frustration. Men work on a topical level most of the time and women on a relational level. If you change /switch your perspective and look at both your stories on their level expressed, you will probably find that both have valid points and both have invalid points. This realization will not SOLVE the situation, but you will have better understanding and in turn probably deal with it in much easier, less stressful way.

You dont want to be  fish seeing yourself in a bowl, you want to see yourself being a fish with the world in the bowl!


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