Food glorious food

Food is definatley medicine for the soul. I love food, making food, sharing food and talking food, even shopping for food!

I came across this lovely blog through another blog that I follow Decor8 ,  it’s called What Katie Ate.

I wish I knew how to add their web address without pasting the whole address. Any helpers would be appreciated.  (Thanks Nicole!)

Check it out, it’s made my tummy rumble and inspired me to bake! Ha Ha




2 thoughts on “Food glorious food”

  1. how to put a web address link in without writing it all out in your post:
    when you’re posting you’ll see a ‘visual’ and an ‘html’ tab – write just the name of the site you want to make a link in the visual tab, but then click on the html tab, highlight the site you want people to click to link, then clisk on the little ‘link’ button top left of your posting box, and when a pop up box appears, write the whole site link in there! WHEW! x


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