Lets kick some butt!

Alright people, what have you been doing this winter? We are half way through and I hope you feeling brave for summer and energized for outdoor sport and ready for some lazy days on the beach?!!!!…..mmm I must be honest, I am not and I can kick myself.

The other day I gave blood and they weighed me and there I was thinking I was “doing alright” but to my disgust, I had put on another 4 kg’s! I have run and eaten right but as you all know winter seems to put on a few bad kg’s in the worst places…and i am not blaming winter, I do blame myself.

So I am ready to start from the top and hopefully by September, I will be looking fab for the 1st day of spring. I therefore challenge anyone to get off you butt and start the journey to fitness and fun! I will be updating whenever I can. Watch this space.


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