This is more like it!! I am terribly sorry if this offends you but i am going to say it anyway! I love babies and kids, even if they not my own, but I don’t like the décor that come with it!

Cartoons, bright colors used on a superhero, anything big and bold that’s “in” or commercial at that time as well as full on baby décor is not my thing. I feel all that is way too busy and I prefer a baby room that does not scream baby but rather that the décor states individual.

Taken into account that baby can’t acknowledge it, I still feel more at home in a room that’s light, funky, oozing unique and creative ideas, even if they are a bit bright.

I found this design blog for modern parents called Coochicoos by Robert Yang which also has an online shop…oooh, cant wait to have a baby!

Photo by Erin Bellford check out her blog too!



3 thoughts on “Coochicoos”

  1. I COMPLETELY agree!! As soon as I found out I was having a girl I said NO PINK PASSION ROOM PLEEEEEEZ! It seems all baby girl rooms are pink and fluffy and pink. Looking to decorate my babies room Im NOT looking in the baby girl section of any store cos thats all you get is PINK. PLUGH>


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