Notes from me

Sweet smelling

How many times have you smelt something which brought on a memory or triggered a specific time in your passed? I know it has happened often to me and on many occasions to the same smell!

Often we will have forgotten about the event completely, yet our remarkable brain  has filed it neatly in some unreachable corner of the brain, ready for instant retrieval. This is how amazing your brain is!!!! Did you know, people born before 1930 tend to recall the odours associated with nature more than people born in later decades.

This is how it works: the Olfactory system, the tool responsible for our sense of smell, has a pathway in the brain closely associated with the limbic system. The limbic system contains the amygdala and the hippocampus parts of the brain which are closely associated with emotion and memory respectively.

Human beings tend to emphasise vision over all other senses, but our sense of smell is important enough to evoke its own form of déjà vu. Perhaps the strange smells we experience today will be associated with fond memories in years to come-Quote.

Well, now I know a bit more about our bodies! Watch this space for more did you knows!


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