Ozzie rules

My word! Australia is full of talented people and amazing ideas! What do people get up to in that country that makes them ooze style??? It’s filled with gorgeousness…(not to mention 2 of my favourite people, soon to be 3!..)I have stumbled upon and follow a few Ozzie blogs and their blogs are filled with lots of fantastic people with unique styles and stupendous talent. I am sooo inspired by the work i see, I am overwhelmed by how easy they make it look and I believe in their work without knowing or them me. Here are just a few.

I wait with anticipation on who Lucy Feagins creator of The Design Files introduce me to. People like Ask Alice where you see lovely stationary made out of recycled paper. Justine Lamont who inspires me with lights and design pieces, like these on The Design Files blog interview. {Photo  by Giang Do.}

Also, Elke Kramer’s stunning pieces as seen in interview .

Another Sydney artist Kirra Jamison’s colourful work seen here.  

 This morning Lucy brought Kylie Johnson from Paper Boat Press. Photos as seen on The design Files blog.

I really could go on forever but why don’t you go check oy The Design Files yourself for some inspiration.

 South Africa’s Lovely AskAshe introduced me to the Adore Magazine which shouts my name to fill my home with their ideas.

Check it out Katie Quinn Davies producer of What Katie Saw where you will find an “all thing’s creative” respite as well as a link to her amazing foodie blog What Katie Ate, and its here where you will have a saliva-infused tongue as you look at her motivating recipes and food photography.

 {…….to name just a few…..}


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