I know that by doing this I am probably going against all blog rules or principles, but I believe that these expression outlets are whatever we want to create. I have taken some time to decide on what it is exactly, that I desire to express or share. I started FitYou to be a life/fitness blog but have come to realise that I need to be a little more specific. As my decor inspiration is old & new; natural & purposeful; wood & steel; I thought that FitYou would be pretty much that-A mixture of many things that suit our lives or fit our molds.

 I have though come to realise that even if I like things with that approach, it may be difficult for readers or onlookers to grasp the very facet of expression I have been meaning to outlet. My dream is to one day own a shop, one filled with nice things and by nice I don’t mean just pretty girly things, but striking, bold, big, fabulous pieces of art and furniture made by talented, humble, striking and down to earth people who have wooed me by their flair. So I have decided that I am molding this blog to the very things my shop must be filled with- The talents of people just like you and me.

I am not a graphic designer, I am not a writer, I am not an interior designer, I am not a stylist or an artist, neither a person who knows it all. I am just a saffa girl, who digs cool things and enjoys escaping to an inspirational respite, where I can feel at ease, encouraged, peaceful and elegant.

So here it is, changed form FitYou or Creative Stream. I hope the niceties of this blog will find you smiling ,as it has me creating it.



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