Le Spose di Gio

May I introduce you to a modern yet sophisticated, elegant yet playful stream of wedding dresses. Designed by Italy’s finest Le Spose di Gio, these dresses take my breath away. I have followed their beautiful designs  for over a year now and I am amazed every time at how unique, elegant and free these dresses are. Made from carefully chosen fabric, orchestrated by incredibly talented hands, these dresses are available at exclusive stores in Italy. They do mention shipping. They use the finest material and best tailoring to suit the brides needs. I did enquire if they ship to South Africa as my eye was on one of their dresses for my wedding but much to my disappointment, they do not….I am sure my pocket was quite grateful.

{I must say though, that these dresses are worth every penny!}

“Creativity, commitment and continual stylistic research are the elements which have made Le Spose di Gio dresses unique”

If you enjoy white decor for your home, you will love the carefree and subtle ooze of white passion which escapes from each dress.



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