Work Space

The importance of having a comfortable space to work in, get motivated in and do a brilliant job in, is very high in my books. Because it needs to make you feel like you can get up and be productive in what you do. I enjoy finding wonderful ideas on how to make the area you spend most of your week in, an area that oozes your taste and personality but that is practical and welcoming. Here are a few I found in RUE mag.

Here are a few pointers, that I believe help in creating your space. Firstly a desk sizable to your line of work. There is no point trying to cram everything on to one small area. Use a smaller desk or work station to hold things like trays, boxes or paper etc. Use alike storage boxes, trays or filing mechanisms to avoid busyness and cluter.Keep your administrative tools the same and have a fabulous desk lamp that oozes your personality.

Good light is essential to feel awake, motivated and relaxed and last but not least a chair or sofa area where clients and visitors can wait for you or speak to you.

Photo found on Being Brazen blog

{do yourself a favour and go check out RUE mag  issue 2 on-line here}

{also, if you have the time, go check out Cape Town’s Being Brazen blogger-its worth it}


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