Yes baby, yes!

In celebration of a precious new life entering this world, thanks to C&B, I felt in the baby-decor mood! So have decided, seems as I feel like a happy-aunty, to give a few glimpses of some lovely baby decor items.

baby blanket rustic birch trees and birds by Sewn Natural etsy shop


Wall decor as found on Bobby Berk Home


Little Whale Mobile as found on Mighty Junior


Animal attraction pillows by Beth Shea as seen on Inhabitots

{… To name just a few …}


3 thoughts on “Yes baby, yes!”

  1. congrats to you and to your family! my friend just delivered a little boy yesterday morning! thank you for including our blanket, we’re flattered to be included here.


    1. Hi Jen, Thanks so much! I love your work and will be blogging about your pieces more im sure, if that is alright by you. I also hope that people will visit your esty shop and purchase! All the best&thank you for your comment.


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