Table setting


This Christmas we are having  family over on Christmas Eve as well as Christmas day. Which means I need to get my A into G regarding table setting etc.  As it is the 1st Christmas lunch at our home, I was thinking of putting in a little effort into the table decor etc. Even the most simple  ideas make me happy, if done right and done with ones individual scent on it.

So, here are some ideas I found and hope you will get inspired by.

A bright and different splash of colour is always refreshing. Photo from: Best Ribbon & Trim

Simple and calm un-ordered setting is homey and relaxed. Photo from: Country Living

 Blue is not often used around Christmas, but i like it. Photo from: Interior Design It Yourself


Photo credits: some photos by Christopher Baker, all seen on Real Simple magazine.

This must be one of my best, Photo from Sweet Paul magazine (which by the way is another one of my favourite on-line mags) and blog

 {H A P P Y   T A B L E   S E T T I N G}


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