Gift wrapping

This year I decided to wrap the gifts in a different way. Instead of the usual Christmas paper and sticker cards, I have decided to put more thought into it. It makes me realise that presents should not just be bought and given because the season says so, but that the gift is given with thought and care.  A bit of a personal touch is always special no matter how big or small your gift or gesture.

So here are a few pointers on how to get wrapping material and believe me, it’s not expensive  if you think about what you want to create before you buy the materials.

I bought the following: you can choose your own colors.

  1. Brown paper …yes, brown paper that you would normally wrap school books with! and plain red paper.
  2. Ribbons in white and red. Fabric ribbons to match your budget.
  3. Rafia, white and light brown in color.
  4. Silver marker, thin tip
  5. x1 sheet of black card board paper, soft enough to cut and bend but harder than paper.
  6. Silver ribbon or any kind.
  7. Cut black cardboard into squares for name tags, punch a hole for the ribbon to go through and write on it with your silver pen. {BE CREATIVE}

    Then wrap gifts as normal but decorate them with different ribbons and rafia, remember, as long as your colours are consistent, it will look stunning, no matter how you use the decoration. Get the kids involved! You dont have to be super artie to add a special something to the gifts you give.




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