Eugenia Silva-Spanish love

Paging through the House & Garden my eyes were not only caught by the splendid spanish interior of this home but by the stunning owner Eugenia Silva. Her home boasts colour, charm, warmth and exceptional character. Please excuse the photographs poor quality but im sure you will get the idea of what a stunning Ibiza home she has. She likes the “non-decor” approach to her home and finds things in markets and fairs. Enjoy yourself as you look at her home, go get the Conde’ Nast House&Garden mag for the full interview and while you there, fill in their reader panel survey.


1&2. the Living Room, 3&4. Bathrooms, 5. Guest Room, 6.Main Room, 7.Porch, 8.Living room and Eugenia Silva in the Kitchen

Well I’m very inspired and simply love the charm and homey feel of this place. I also appreciate the personal and non-fashion feel it brings. Humble and fresh!


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