More Danish Love

I get super excited and inspired looking at Bolig on-line.  This particular home has such an arty, open and homey feel. The use of yellow brings a unique glow to these rooms. I love the use of colours and art {Pic 1}. The work corner has brilliant light & is perfect for a creative work space {Pic 2}. The Nguni hide work’s perfectly against the red floor cushions { Pic 3} and the simplicity of the bedroom creates a peaceful place to relax {Pic 4}. The black kitchen cupboards compliment the white and colour decor of the kitchen {Pic 5}. To the owner of this delightful home, I say “I love it!”

All photographs are taken by Philippe Kress.


3 thoughts on “More Danish Love”

  1. Very nice pictures indeed. Will want to know who this Kress is from where. Danish I wonder? I Know one Kress guy I went to a film college with in Demank and I wonder if this is the guy?


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