Funky Green

A while ago I posted about my green Grafton Everest sofa’s I had received from my grandparents. I love them because I know they looked after them and because I know it belonged to them and heavens, they are the most comfortable sofa’s I have ever sat on! The only hiccup is that they are (to me) a snot green! To my husband they are a great green, “ the colours of our wedding..” (I am smiling and cannot believe he said that, even if it is true!) None the less, they are green and I never considered a green sofa in my lounge.

I have though, become to realise that I am starting to like the green if used with the right complimentary colours and in fact , I like the difference it brings, instead of the placid tones of browns and creams and whites. (I like placid) We are to re-upholster the Grafton sofa’s soon…but I am thinking that we should maybe keep the green look in the lounge?  So, I have paged through some fabric ideas and this is what I found. I am not 100% sure of it just yet.

{1}As seen on Modern Furniture Sets

{2} seen on The


Fabrics seen on: {1}Lulu Painting

{2}Crafting A Green World

{3} + {5} Mod Green Pod

{4} JB Quilting Fabrics


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