Tractor Home-Melbourne

Thanks to the lovely Lucy Feagins, the face behind the always interesting blog The Design Files , I was introduced to the wonderful Tractor Home! Based in Melbourne, this creative outlet completely made me re-think where I live!

{Pictures left to right: 1,2&3 are some of their ceramics; 4&5 are button cushions; 6&7 are hand-made mielie bags; 8,9&10 are stunning brooches and then 11&12 are wire hang-ware}

Tractor Home originally based from owner Mandy Munro’s home, is now in a big warehouse in Melbourne, filled with many unique items from furniture to jewellery, throws to ceramics. Tractor Home is a wholesale business and sells home decor items from Africa. They support the disadvantaged communities. ”Tractor Home is attempting to empower the lives of these people who creatively produce these products”-quoted from TH . I am so delighted to have found out about this place.

I know you can get some of these products from just about anywhere in South Africa, but there is something about seeing the creative people of our country’s work, placed with such love in another country, who also have their own creative talents.

In a previous post I wrote about the wire art we can get from local artists, selling them on our street corners, markets and some stores. I am so pleased that their creativity and their art is displayed and wanted in other countries, homes and stores and not just here in SA. I love the style and their completely “out the box” way of creating something, like their paper mache bowls, wall hangings and bins out of tinned paper coverings.


I went to an african art store in Umhlanga over the weekend, and is taken aback once again by their amazing talents.

{these last 4 photographs below are credit to The Design Files}


Go and check out Mandy and Mike Munro’s warehouse if you are in Melbourne, their contact details are on their website. Otherwise, you can see their catalogue on their website. Mike Munro sources and trades furniture, so between the two of them, this place is a must to get lost in.



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