A taste of Portugal

Hello friends. I don’t normally write about food or restaurants but I just had to share about this creative & funky place! Most of you might have been there many times before.  On Sunday, we floated passed Café Verde in Umhlanga and decided to try it out.

Now, we had walked past on many occasions since it opened but for some reason never sat down to enjoy their ambiance. Wow, am I pleased we did this time! Not only was the food absolutely AMAZING! But the decor and vibe of this Portuguese restaurant held a sense of calm, difference and spice. Their desire to bring that European feel is totally accomplished, as well as using colorful yet simple decor to make the ambiance fun and festive, just as the Portuguese are.

The service was delightful and the food was out of this world! By far the best peri-peri chicken I have EVER tasted and it came with a free beer. I took some pictures from my phone, so excuse the quality, I recommend this restaurant if you want to feel like being away from it all and coat your taste buds with marvelous flavors at an affordable price, it’s well worth every penny and more to feel like you are actually on holiday in Portugal.

{The arm chairs were comfortable and I appreciate their boldness in character.}



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