1 of the winners!

Last year I was thrilled to find that I was the winner of  the AskAshe Embellish Me competition, where I had won a stunning silver cuff I wear to this day thanks to Bianca Pulvirenti and AskAshe. That was when Creative Stream was called Fit You.

Last week, I entered a competition, (because why not I thought, who wins anything once, never mind twice) so I entered the Kim Gray Summer Sandals Competition, where 10 readers of Kim Gray blog would win a pair of Bronx sandals- all we had to do was go to the Bronx website & choose our fave pair and post on Kim Gray’s blog what we would wear with it. Very easy and straight forward, which was bliss! Of course I had chosen the coral pair as I am in love with coral at the moment! ….and……To much awesomeness, I got a very exciting email yesterday evening, notifying me that I am indeed one of 10 ladies that have won these STUNNING sandals from Bronx!!! Thank you Kim, Bronx and blogging!!!!


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