Interview with Cara-Lee Price

She is young, talented, beautiful, energetic, enthusiastic and creative! She is local and inspiring and has a long future ahead in fashion design. I would like to introduce you to the stunning Cara-Lee Price.


Having achieved her 3 year diploma in fashion design, Cara-Lee is a talent we should look out for. She has a natural sense of style and a unique eye for design, not only is she loving fashion but has edged into a passion for interior design. Cara-Lee agreed to answer a few questions about her life, style and career, so keep reading to get a glimpse of our local talent. I just love meeting creative people. Cara-Lee is even more stunning when you meet her in person, hear her laugh and feel her enthusiasm.

The jacket worn by the centre model in the picture below, is one of Cara-Lee’s creations. She won the Gateway Fashion Experience, where 3 pieces of her 3rd year range was submitted. By winning, they gave her rail space at MAX in Gateway Umhlanga and then also at Blackbeard&Dare in Cavendish Square Cape Town.


Cara-Lee always knew she would do something creative and as soon as she spoke to people and did some research, she realised “definitely, clothing is where I want to be” Cara-Lee made her own wedding dress which is simply gorgeous! She found it much easier making and designing for herself as there is a lot more freedom in your changes and your ideas. I love the romantic buttons down the back of her dress.

 {I asked some QUESTIONS}

Whats your unique style? Feminine, bright, bold, fun and romantic.

What would be your dream city to shop in? I have been to London and Paris has Tradeshows, so I would choose Paris!

Do you design mens clothing? No

You helped Handsdown with their bikini range, would you do swimwear again? Yes, I would. I am currently designing Kangol swimwear.

You currently working with underwear as well, is that a different creativity to clothing? Retail designing is different to designing on your own. Guidelines are more in place in terms of factoring other aspects in and it must be more commercial. Where fashion is a lot more personalised.

Whats your favourite decor piece in your home? My heart & photograph wall.

What else do you love? Baking, painting and interior decor!

What was your clothing range called? Maiden May

Are Doc Martins in? (I smile) NO! Classic pair of close toe heels always are (she smiles)

If you could have coffee with someone, who would that be? The director of Project Runway.


Home is my place to relax.
My husband is close to my heart.
South Africa’s fashion is waiting to explode.
My best evening wear is a dress from Oscar de la Renta.
Food is happiness


Jeans or Trousers
Slops or Sandals
Short skirts or sort shorts
Space Store or Urban Store
Vintage or Modern (she chose both)
Tights or No tights (that depends!)

You can reach Cara-Lee on her email: if you have any questions, designs or want to know more about what she is up to next.


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