Greenhouse by Joost (Sydney)

Photographs from Greenhouse by Joost website.

Photographs from The Design Files

Hello friends. Happy monday to you. There has been a lot of hype and media about GREENHOUSE BY JOOST and I can totally see why. This is a fully recycled, eco-friendly restaurant where the creator had dreamt of having a waste free restaurant and by the looks of it, he has accomplished just that.  “All our waste from the kitchen will be organic. This organic waste will be composted on site using a JoraForm in-vessel composter. This will grind and produce 10 litres of compost for every 100 litres of waste.”

Wow, if only I was in Sydney! Carina, Milah, Bjorn and Maz, I hope you folks in Sydney can make a trip there and have a delicious meal for me!  With regard to the interior and exterior decor, Joost really has thought outside the box, he  “(Joost) has designed & made chairs out of old aluminium irrigation pipes.  They are incredibly light & have been named Squirt Chair! The leather used for the seats are off-cuts from a saddle makers in Ballarat (Victoria’s last tannery).  Lights have been made from willow trees and rolls of old fencing wire.”

If you want to know more, please go to the website and read all about it. Better yet, if you are in Sydney, go and have cuppa in the garden, where local sting free bees buzz around. You can also follow his blog.

Great news! The Design Files had first opened my ears to this place a while ago and now Lucy Feagins had made the very 1st The Design Files Film! Go and check out all these links and forward the film as I think this is a remarkable achievement by Joost Bakker.

And to Lucy form The Design Files, Well done!!! what a brilliant film!



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