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1 year at CS – Thank you!

Good morning everyone, for those overseas – good evening to you! There is one post that I have wanted to do for sometime now and I thought the perfect time to do so was at Creative Stream’s 1st birthday! I wanted to share with you the 3 top inspirations that have kept my blogging in tow. Never had I thought that blogging would become such a big part of my life, where it has slowly grown over the years and become such a brilliant passion. I’m sorry I never started earlier. This March 2011 Creative Stream would be running for a year! My failures of blogs prior Creative Stream seems like primary school….and now I look  forward to getting my degree and hopefully move right up to my masters and doctrine in blogging!! ha ha. Who would have thought the blogosphere would be my respite, but it is and I love it!

It’s extremely hard to say I have a top 5 rank of blogs, as there are SO many great ones out there, but I have always held 3 close to heart because they were the 1st three blogs that helped filled my passion of blogging.


This was the 1st blog I ever followed. I think this inspiring women is fun, honest, out-there-friendly and super talented. She will probably strangle me for putting her picture up, but I did ask to use some! She has a background in design and a social calendar like no one else! I am yet to meet her (nearly did when I won one of her competitions on AskAshe) but she has always given me tips and made me feel like part of the blogging community, probably without even realising who I am or what she has done. She is Nicole Ashe author and creator of AskAshe – a girl about Durban. I look forward to her updates on what is happening around my city, what’s hot and what’s not around the world, whatever she feels like sharing and she makes me laugh which is always the best medicine. She loves white decor and knows just about everything about anything and if she doesn’t I get the feeling she will do her best to know so she can share with us! Following AskAshe is like being social and around what’s happening without actually attending it all. She is definitely a vibrant and stunning woman! It’s simple – she rocks! Go check out her blog. You will be sorry if you don’t. I hope to meet her soon.


  Holly Becker is a freelance journalist and design consultant. What an inspiration to read her blog, it’s not only a good looking blog but has excellent information and inspiring news, ideas and depth. I am dying to do her e-course and hope to do the next one she does. I would enjoy it so much to put her face to her name and one day get a chance to reflect on this blogging world with her over a nice cuppa. She remains humble and sincere and I love that about anyone who has had to face a change in eminence. Do yourselves a favour and go check out her blog. You will love it. You will also find her at Haus Maus where Holly expresses about her life as an American living in Germany. Her new book Decorate can be bought here – so go on, go buy one. I am!


Now the 3rd stunning blogger is Lucy Feagins. The brains and talent behind The Design Files, based in Melbourne she is a set dresser/stylist and a fantastic blogger! I love the display of her bog, the content, the photographs and the interesting and creative people she always introduces me to. I believe she is humble and fun and here too is a lady I would love to have a coffee with and reflect on all the wonderful people and places blogging has taken her. I loved her response when I asked her if I could use her pictures for this post and others. I appreciated her quick reply and made me respect her even more. She also launched The Design Files 2011  calendar and the 1st ever The Design File Film! Go check it out.

Well, I could go on and on about more fab blogs, but I think these 3 deserve some credit as they truly have edged me on to make a dream come true without even having met me! I Love that! Thank you!

Something else I wanted to say is a  big Thank you to my loyal subscribers! Without you my views don’t increase and without you Creative Stream is just any blog and without you I don’t get encouraged! So thank you for listening to what I say or for looking at what I post, even if you skim over on a busy day, you are supportive and I appreciate and love that so. Thank you!


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