Yes. yes, yes please. I would like all of these thank you…. I just got the Weylandts Promotion page and there are some stunning arm chairs, occasional chairs as well as linen and lamps to name a few. If you are in South Africa, go and check out their stores, otherwise for a sneak peek look here. You can save from R300 – R2000 off  items! These are my  fave.

 the APAYO CHAIR  was at R3995 but now at R2995

the ASHANTI LEATHER CHAIR was at R3995 now at R2995


the LARA OCCASIONAL CHAIRS was at R1195 and now only R895


the NITICO OCCASIONAL CHAIRS was at R3850 now at R2995


2 thoughts on “Weylandts

  1. I dig the ASHANTI LEATHER CHAIR. A little “rich” for my blood but it looks stunning & so comfortable.
    Maybe my stunning wife will earn lots of money & buy it for my birthday???


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