Baby room decor

I was asked to blog about some baby room decor ideas and thought to myself  that I had not posted anything about kids decor in ages! What a great idea. So I have done  some research and found some beautiful rooms. The thing about getting your baby’s room together, is that there are so many factors to consider having not yet met the little bundle of joy, as well as in some scenarios not knowing the sex of the baby. So to make a desirable peaceful nesting place for your little angel can sometimes be quite daunting. Here are a few factors to consider when starting up a babies room.

1-make sure the baby cot is not in a position where a draft flows through the room
2-have a comfy arm-chair/rocking chair available
3-allow room for good storage, either in shelving or boxes or cupboard space
4-a side lamp is important as well as a low light for the evening feeds
5-ensure you have the correct curtain/blinds for the room, considering if it’s a north,south, east or west-facing as bright light is not great in the early morning!
6-air circulation and ventilation is important
7-dont be afraid to paint! get creative, just allow the fumes to subside!
8-play music or lullabies so your baby is use to outside noise as well as the soothing and calming effect it has
9-place a good heater in the room, if you don’t have central heating, for those chilly nights after a bath, remember to place a bowl with a little water by the heat source to avoid any dehydration
10-there are no real rules just advice! Be comfortable in your babies room and enjoy every moment. Motherly instinct is the best teacher.

Photo credit Wee Decor


Photo via White Cabana; photo via So Haute


Photo credit Squidoo; Photo credit Changing Tables

Photo via Babies Need Stuff; Photo via Chic Tip


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