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Interview with Joanne Olivier


A few months back, I was introduced to a very creative and interesting talent ( look above). Though I have not met her in person, I feel inspired by her just by communicating through the world of media and email! Joanne is a photographer, writer, reader, music person as well as working on her  entertainment company TickyBox Media.

I LOVED her answers to my questions, chuckling to her sense of humour and realising how much passion she has for what she does, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her. Enjoy her photographs and as with anyone I interview, please do not use their photographs without permission. I am sure they will be happy to rather hear from you!



 Photographs 1-4 -Shoot with Jane Wayne.


Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m a self-employed writer, photographer, reader, music person currently working at my own media entertainment company TickyBox Media.
How did you get where you are today? Belief in the fact that mediocre and ordinary was not acceptable. I’ve been an editor at a Youth Lifestyle Magazine, a label manager at Warner Music South Africa and now a successful Music Publicist, Photographer and writer. I’ve loved music from about the age 5 when my brother and I used to record videos off Popshop and dress up like Adam and The Ants. I guess arts, entertainment; writing has been in my blood since the womb. I have also been akin to reading heavy authors like Patrick White, Chekhov, Hermann Hesse, Bukowski, Camus and more. It has made me who I am.
 Does working in your field of expertise make you want to expand more and more? If so, where? Yes, completely. I left my job in the music industry after ten years because even though I loved music, I felt I needed to explore more aspects of my creativity and express myself in more ways. Now, everyday is a new challenge, as clichéd as that may sound – whether it is emotionally, creatively or career wise – trying to keep that proverbial wolf from the door. 
 Is there a favorite moment or two, which will always stick in your mind, having taken pictures of many interesting people? I always love taking pictures of the people close to me – family, friends, and capture them in a way unique even to them. Moments that have stuck out for me – going to Leeuwkop Maximum Prison working on a documentary. Myself and a few other crew members were in the yard with about 100 hardened criminals. It was an amazing eye opener, and an incredible photo opportunity and I had to try to forget the fact that these were people with a seriously sinister past. Also recently I went to Coronation Park to take some photographs of the people living there. The ‘Poor White’ settlement. It was incredibly sad, and incredibly moving. I like to teach myself with my photographs, and it helps me see life in different ways.  


  I love the sense I get from you, that you are what you are and say what you believe, is that true? And if so what photograph best describes you?  Yes, sometimes after a couple of glasses of wine I say too much. (smiley face).  I hate false people and pretensions.
 Tell us about your plans/ dreams for 2011. I just want to push myself in every way. Become a better photographer, finish a script, have some successful music projects and eventually start writing that book that I’ve been threatening to write my whole life.
 Being obviously creative, are there an other areas which you love being creative in besides writing, photography& music? I love kayaking, and being by the sea. I hate hiking, but I am being forced into going on a massive hike soon – The Whale Trail hike. At least I will be by the sea and be able to take some photos. I might even take my Ipod with.
 Name 3 musicians that you think rock on. 3 only? Are you serious?The Beatles, Radiohead, Ben Folds.
 Is there such a thing as a favorite song/artists? Or can you name a few? These are impossible questions for a music person……. A few off the top of my head….Favourite songs – Exit Music ( For A Film) – Radiohead – Lwt Down – Radiohead – A day In The Life – The Beatles – Brick – Ben Folds Five – Old and Wise – Alan Parsons Project – Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell – Epilogue – The Antlers –


Above are some CD cover shots…go check out her Blog for more here.


  {A bit about Joanne}

……Paternoster is the best place to be in summer.
I don’t like Wilbur Smith ………. But I adore ………Patrick White
My camera is my sneaky little way of cheating death
………My Music Collection is a place I call home.
A holiday in Canada on one of those massive lakes…… sounds amazing right now.
The decor in my home is modern, arty and red. Mostly red.
If I could have coffee with Charles Bukowski,  I’d tell him I think we should rather go to a bar.

{Joanne’s choices}

Contemporary / vintage
Leather / suede
Vinyl / CD
Blck&wht / Color photography
Still / motion capturing
RED / Green
Typewriter / computer – Both 


Joanne, Thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself and what you passionate about. Please let me know if you have any dates for exhibitions in the future, any new ventures, what you up to at TickyBox as well as if you ever write that book you been meaning too!

I have only managed to get a few of Joannes photographs on this post to share but Joanne is up to much more, so for those who want to see more of her work or read about what she is up to check out her blog here OR see her on Facebook here.  I recommend you follow her on twitter, she cracks me up!


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