Creative – FRYD + DESIGN

There is nothing better than to see a fantastic blog with difference and with charm. Be it about decor, children, thoughts, financial, design, short stories…the list is endless, these blogs I read INSPIRE me to no end and I honestly feel that they could inspire you too! (If you don’t already follow them!) I love sharing the love, it’s waisted keeping it to yourself.

So this month my eyes fall on an incredibly inspiring person & her blog. I have read about the in’s and out’s on her world for over a year now. If you would like to see some wonderfully inspiring work, please go here and look at BY FRYD, I recommend a nice pot of tea, yummy coffee or a glass of wine as you will be there for some time paging through her online magazine. This was released a while ago but I never got the chance to post about it. You can also view her 2nd online mag.  2 BY FRYD here.

Jeanette is a women with such sincerity, she has a natural sense of peace and calm. She is a great photographer and she shares beautiful words. I like  the lay out and openness of how the blog looks. It’s not busy and load, rather it’s calm, gentle and gorgeous. Her words, as if she need not say too much because the blog has her heart stamped all over it, are written in such a magical way. I get inspired every time I read her blog and that is why I would like to recommend FRYD & DESIGN as our creative blog for April. Its delightful!

{Jeanette – It’s been a pleasure meeting you over email and I would like to thank you so much for allowing me to write a bit about you & your blog and use some of your photographs. You are a rocking creative!}


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