Creative Art 150 years ago

Hello everyone! We have arrived back from a fantastic holiday over the Easter weekend. Jono and myself spoilt ourselves for our wedding anniversary & headed to the beautiful Drakensberg mountains. We hiked and nearly got lost but it was fantastic!
I wanted to share with you some art we saw, they are primitive and drawn with natural materials…they tell fascinating stories of hunting their most powerful animal, the Eland. It shows how the Boers took land and it tells in depth about their traditions and native dances…you guessed it, I’m talking about Bushman Art.
I am reminded that even many years ago, with no formal ‘art education’ or art school these hard core mountaineers drew such beautiful sketches and with such passion. They truly, as I’m sure many other people around the world in those days, had creativity and a natural eye for art and design, even if they did not know it!
It’s wonderful to know that even many moons ago, us humans, no matter where and what we were doing, were still drawing and creating beauty with art & expression.
The photographs below were taken with my black berry so please excuse the quality, I’m also posting this from my phone so I hope that it comes out alright (yeeha for technology of today!)
The guide we had, Beckie was quite informative and as he learnt how to analyse the cave art drawings, the stories and expressions transferred from bushman to rock is actually quite outstanding. They really danced and hunted most of their day & had to go through quite a lot of traditional ceremonies…the stories are endless but I wanted to share with you these drawings, as to me they are extremely creative! There is something different from seeing them in a book to hiking a mountain and finding them!


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