Concrete floors with Warm Colours

My husband and I always have this debate, I am a lover of concrete floors and he is a carpet person. I would prefer wooden flooring but my second choice would be concrete. The kind I have my eyes on for our place is the white/grey-ish tone. I am not an expert with concrete and I know there is a skill in applying it and you can do it the cheap way or the expensive way but by the end of it, it suites a room that has high traffic or animals and of course suites the in’s and out’s of kids and muddy feet or beach sand! BUT with practicality aside, concrete flooring makes the room seem equal (especially open plan living) and gives a calming effect (not cold effect). It’s ability to mold itself to the rugs you lay down, no matter what style they are and it has a mess-free effect in most homes.

Another point I am finding myself constantly thinking about is the colours in my living room. I am in love with naturals with dashes of colour. I would love to have an all white element to my living room but we live on the coast of Southern Africa and about a couple of hundred meters from the beach, so it is bright most of the day and very hot most of the year. So white’s can seem a bit too bright, therefore I would swing to slightly darker shades to make it easier on the eye. We have an old green Grafton Everest sofa passed down from my grandparents but I am really disliking the colour of it as it clashes with the new sofa, the wooden furniture and it almost hinders the interior I would like to create in the living area. But alas! I have found an example of what my mind is trying to compose, of a beautiful living space and area….including the concrete floors!

Found on Sköna Hem, the photographer is Morten Holtum.


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