Interview with Kirsten Siebert

Since starting Creative Stream, I’ve been so blessed and happy to meet such creative people! I get super excited when people of all sorts of creative backgrounds or passions agree to being interviewed  by CS. Talented women and Director of TickyBox Media, Kirsten Siebert has had plenty of experience working her way up in the media world to finally reaching a point of owning her own Media Company. I was so glad she agreed on being interviewed by us. I love her attitude to life, people and her work.

1. I am sure there are many places and people you have seen?

I’ve been to a few places, the UK, Ireland, Canada, America, Zanzibar, Mozambique. And I’ve met quite a few celebrities to name a few – Ronan Keating, Simon Cowell, Avril Lavigne, Westlife, Snow Patrol, Josh Groban, Estelle, Fall Out Boy, Jamie Cullum.

2. How did you get where you are today?

I studied Film & Television broadcasting and then started at the bottom at a production company and slowly worked my way up one year at a time.

3. Have you ever thought of doing something completely off the wall different to what you currently doing?

My industry has so many different facets to it that you can either go corporate or creative. Every year is different so one year you might be doing a lot of corporate work and the next you are swimming with dolphins in Mozambique which is totally different to what you have been doing.

4. Who has been the most interesting person you have met?

Gary Lightbody the lead singer from Snow Patrol, he was just so down to earth and humble and had a lot of interesting things to say.

5. Being a people’s person, have you met difficult situations/people?

Yes I’m always coming across difficult people and situations. It’s important to let yourself get out of your comfort zone so you can experience new things. A few years back I was helping a friend on a shoot in a maximum security prison interviewing a serial killer. I’m quite a scaredy cat so that was quite difficult for me.

6. Can you tell us your passion about your line of work?

I’m very passionate about live television, there’s really nothing like it and live television directors have been often compared to heart surgeons as it’s a high pressured job where you have to make quick calculated decisions. It’s quite a rush every time you do a big show. I’m also very passionate about making films that will make people think and change something in their lives for the positive. There’s still so much for me to explore in my industry and that’s quite exciting.

7. What area forces you to be most creative?

I think corporate, as you always have to be creative with your budgets to get your vision across in the most affordable way, so you usually don’t have the money you need to do the work you want to, so you have to be creative in how you action it all.

8. Is there any other City you would dream of working in and why?

I would like to maybe work in Vancouver one day, I stayed in the city for a while when I was younger and they have a very strong television industry there that is supported by their government.

9. Is your home, your safe haven, a place to relax and escape too? Or can you tell us of some place else?

I am always happiest when I’m in nature, in a forest or mountains. It’s the only place I can recharge and not be distracted by any electronics.

10. What is a normal day like for you?

I would wake up in the morning go to gym and then come home for a big breakfast. I would then go to my office and check emails, send quotes and then go to M-Net for a shoot until late in the evening.

11. If you could have coffee with someone?

I would like to have coffee with Ellen DeGeneres, it would be not only a good time as she is very entertaining but she seems to be one of the most successful Woman of our time so I would like to tap into that.

12. In what area do you think you are most creative?

I honestly do not know what area I am most creative. Creativity is an odd thing and the world tells us what it is and why. I’m most creative when I am me. (I love her answer!)

13. What is the industry like?

The television industry is very segregated right now with pay tv channels and the government run tv channels. It’s cut throat and a lot of the time it’s not necessarily what you know because you can always learn but its down to who you know. I found it really hard to get into the industry but once I was in, the people around me looked after me and got me work. But it took eight months after college to get that first job.

14. In your home, do you have a favorite décor or art piece?


15. What is live television like compared to being able to edit a show?

Live television is what all the cool kids at school want – no homework. Live television is great as you may need to do a little work before a show but usually you get to studio with a pen and you plot your script with camera shots etc.. and then you do the show and go home. It’s over, no client approvals, no working through the night. You need to know exactly what you want and how to get it.

16. There must be stressful moments, can you tell us of one that has helped you grow in this field?

There have been so many moments and each one teaches you that pre production and planning is so important because if something goes wrong it’s because someone hasn’t thought about it or planned for it. When you working on a live television show, you are part of a team and if one person makes a mistake it will definitely affect you. It is not only checking your work but checking your colleagues and not knowing just your job but their’s as well.

Wow, I feel like Kirsten could write a book. (Maybe she will one day.) I feel like there is so much more to find out about her experiences in the world of media and production, tv and filming, that I hope to do another interview altogether!? I went on and asked her a few fun questions having only met her through email!

Skirts or trousers – Trousers
Black or grey – grey
Coffee or tea – coffee
Sea side holiday or mountain escape? Mountain escape
Read or listen? Listen
Heels or flats? Flats
Breakfast or not? Always breakfast 
Vintage or contemporary? Contemporary

Kirsten’s thoughts

Being behind the camera is a privilege that should be used wisely.      
Walk in the park is my fave thing to do on a Sunday.
To create a feeling on film is like seeing your parents smile when you have just won an award.
My dads cooking is the most delicious mouth watering dish I have ever eaten!
Happy is the place to be.
Love is knowing it’s forever.
Music, film and creativity is in every one of us.

Doesn’t her answers make you want to go out and meet her?! Well you can, go check out TickyBox Media on Facebook here and follow her blog here. She is also in Twitter.

Thank you Kirsten for allowing us to glimpse into your world and passion. Please let us know of any exciting ventures you want to share.


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