Colour Series- RED

Hello! I hope you all are well?

Creative Stream is going to do a weekly series on colour. I know most people are afraid of using colour and some might think it’s too statement-making or they are just not sure of how to use the colours. I have therefore decided so share with you all a series of colour palettes so to inspire you, create ideas and to motivate. (this is for myself as well!) Most photographs are from other sources so I will credit as best I can. I hope that as winter approaches us here is South Africa, this Colour Series will help brighten up your day and put some spice on your  ideas. If you are in a country that is having your summer now, I hope this encourages you to use some brilliant colours that summer can offer.

Todays colour is one of my favourite, its RED!



Photographs from Real Simple. 1st photo by Aimee Herring; 2nd photo by Jose Picayo; 3rd photo by Thomas Loof +4th Photo by David Prince.

Photograph from Elle Decor taken by Madeline Stuart.


Photograph 1 via Bolig taken by Morten Holtum. Photo 2,3 &4 also via Bolig and last photograph taken by Paul Moran.

Things to know about RED: 

Cool shades of blue can tone down red. Pale pink & yellow can complement red. Green can be  used with red but with care to avoid any tacky look or Christmas feel & shades of brown & creams lift the intense mood of red. It’s a colour that expresses passion, it is also a great colour if you want energy and physical stimulation because it fuels conversation and your senses. It works well in rooms like dinning rooms, restaurants, business areas. It is for a fiery person, and is a great way to create a dramatic or spicy feel in a room. It is best not used in places of a soothing nature, like doctors rooms, baby rooms or clinics.

 Go ahead get creative!


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