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Wedding invites, Signs & Graphics & Baby inspiration

Ooooh, I am exploding with sheer delight because I would like to introduce you to a Rocking Creative! If you are looking for some unique and festive signage for any occasion, I would recommend you head to Chocolate Butterbean. They specialise in wedding invitations, signs, boards, notices anything you need to place some important information on and they specialise in style! Be it on prints or wooden surfaces, be it on paper or canvas, they suite your needs and your desires. I’m so pleased that Joni agreed to have Creative Stream interview her!

She had also started a website which gives inspiring and exquisite ideas for your baby’s nursery and guidance about anything baby, chic and fun! Go and see more beauty here at Lay Baby Lay. I found it beyond inspirational and so I have to say that this website get’s the May Rocking Creative referral!

Joni, you are inspirational and beautiful, fun and humble. Thank you so much for sharing about yourself and what you love.

So here is some information of the talent behind the creativity….P.S. you can also check out her blog here.



Here are a few questions:

#1 How long has ChocolateButterbean been going and what inspired you to start it?

I started ChocolateButterbean officially in May of 2009. It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to have my design business, and I have always had a love for weddings.  Even in college, I was creating programs and place cards and invitations and things for friends who were getting married, and when I was married in 2007, my passion for all things wedding grew even more!  

#2 Do you have an inspiration place or area you go to “reboot” your creative juices do you find your ideas just come to you?

My family has a farm in South Georgia where we spend most weekends as a child.  To this day, it is my “go to” spot to unplug, unwind, and refocus. Sometimes it is difficult to stay fresh and unique in such a fast-paced environment, and you have to completely get away to express your own creativity.

#3 I know you are a mom, how do you find pursuing both dreams of parenthood and business?

This has been very difficult, and I absolutely don’t have it figured out yet!  I am only six months in to this journey and still have so much to learn.  I will say I have become much more efficient at using my time, and am also learning tough lessons about how important it is to say no! 

#4 Do you have any advice for a graphic designer or blogger or any creative wishing to start a dream?

Don’t hesitate to launch out on your own!  Even if you can’t afford to do it full-time, find ways to express your creativity where you can and take advantages of the opportunities that come your way.  Also, be sure to be true to yourself.  It is so easy to get distracted by all the amazing talent available on the web, but being another “me too” won’t take you far.  I still have to remind myself to strive for originality!  It’s best sometimes to not even look at what else is out there when you are designing.

#5 Lay Baby Lay is a gorgeous sight, I LOVE everything you do there, how do you find all the content?And is this (with parenthood) your full-time work?

Thank you so much!  I am constantly searching for inspiration, and find it everywhere – in music, the outdoors, fashion, wherever!  I am passionate about creating a comfortable, happy space for my family.  I truly believe having a positive environment to come home to can make such a difference in your outlook and emotions, and I want everyone else to have that as well! Sometimes I think just a fresh coat of a happy paint color can make a big difference in a home, and it doesn’t take much to liven up a space.  Lay Baby Lay, Chocolate Butterbean, and parenthood are what I do full-time.

#6 Do you offer overseas services?

I am happy to offer overseas services, and would love to work with international clients.  (However, shipping is quite expensive, so for signs, etc. it does get a bit pricey.  The inspiration boards don’t require shipping, though!)

#7 What makes you get up in the morning?

I love waking up and getting to see Vivi’s smiling face! She is a “morning baby”, for sure, and makes getting up so much more fun.

#8 Name 5 things you like about what you do.

-I love to inspire others.
-I love to share creativity.
-I love reaching out to other new moms who are experiencing the same things I have and doing what I can to assist them in this new and unfamiliar territory of babies!
-Being creative is my outlet, and it helps me feel connected, even when I am at home much of the day taking care of Vivi.
– I am passionate about continuing to learn and finding new ways to be creative!  Sometimes I can’t sleep at night for thinking about new ideas and designs.

Joni’s choices:

#1 Pink or Blue? Blue, for sure!  I even painted my daughter’s nursery blue.
#2 Coffee or Tea?  Tea.  I love tea – especially iced, but I’ll take it hot as well.
#6 Contemporary or Vintage?  Vintage – I love when things have a story to tell!
#7 What has been your fave buy for your home lately? A vintage metal desk – it is tall with a blue top and it even has a lightbox, which is great for sketching!
#9 Flats or heels? Oh my.  I love heels, but after being pregnant and now toting around a six month old, flats have become my go-to!
#10 Jeans or skirts? Dresses!  I don’t wear them as much as I like, but I love having an opportunity to throw on a pretty dress!


” See? I told you she rocks…” 😉


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