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Durban home of Jared Dwyer

A while back I viewed probably one of the most stunning apartments I have ever seen. A flat purchased by a talented carpenter who is not only creative but also a very cool guy. Jared allowed Creative Stream to write about his home, his passions and his line of work. One can see that he is extremely self motivated and thrives on doing things to the best of his ability. Be it working with wood, sports or hanging with his beautiful girlfriend Max. His apartment completely gutted and redone was perfectly orchestrated by himself to the finest details. It oozes masculinity, realness and charm. The living space is open planned with the kitchen which creates a superb place for social vibes, as well as an ideal chilling area. The bedroom is clutter free, even with a creative working corner and fitness workout station, it remains peaceful and calm. I love the exposed brick walls which is the reason I got introduced to Jared and his home.

His business, budding from the experience and interest he gained working with his father at a young age, offers many services including office, home & factory loft style interiors. He also offers maintenance, repairs and installations. Woodmans Carpentry is how some of you might know him from. He has a unique eye for creating something out of things you would conservatively use. For example, his television is attached to the wall by a pipe, a drain pipe! His window shutters are made from the wooden floor boards which were in his flat when he purchased it and an old mill sack is used as his laundry bag and is hung by an industrial hook and chain and his storage or shelving is actually a row of post boxes….I told you, he has remarkable ideas! “..I used to work for my dad who runs a painting contracting business.On the construction sites I would go to the carpenters aka chippies and use their hand saws and a few nails to make myself a bench to sit on in my lunch break.Thought it was quite cool so started to build bigger and more complex things and eventually grew into what I do today. It is mainly expressing my creativity that is the fulfilling part.”

This home reflects no mundane style what so ever. It is the complete opposite. The kitchen, though of smallish size, feels open and clutter free. The way Jared accomplished this was by making counter tops with steel movable legs. No cupboard doors close in the kitchen; instead you get the openness of the walls as well as the workspace. The stove plates are one of my favourite! He used an industrial gas stove top which is the same style worktops that is used throughout the kitchen.

His use of steel, industrial equipment, wood and exposed brick creates such a clean look that when he displays special furniture or a piece in his home; you cannot help but be drawn to it. It is as if the style of this place leaves an open canvas for the quaint & important parts of his home or personality to shine out. For example, the special vintage sewing machine on his wall in the lounge area, also the lamp rounded and perfectly placed next to the armchair in the lounge. All work and layout was designed by Jared. He enjoyed every minute, he valued every piece of dust or rubble and he was motivated by a vision and dream, which he knew he had the ability to reach.  He got his hands dirty for sure and did as much of everything as he can. He enjoyed every moment “…would bring the blow up mattress sweep the dust aside and we used to stay here and I was so content…”


An eye for detail and personal flavour. Vintage sewing machine-one of Jared’s favourites, the attachment from kitchen counter to wall and then the mill sack hung by industrial chain in bathroom as laundry bag.



Bathroom oozes simplicity, Exposed brick walls throughout the home creates an equal flow of ambiance & the leather chair recovered by Jared, it holds a wonderful leather which welcomes character and usage.


Bedroom creates light and loft style living, Inspiration board above the bed reveals Jared’s passions and drive.

I asked Jared a few questions:

If you had a white wall, what would you do with it? Expose the bricks, decorate it with a jack hammer.

If you could build your own house, where would it be? I’ve always been intrigued by New York, I love the loft style. That’s where I got this inspiration from as well. But I enjoy so many places, I cannot narrow it down to one. I enjoy living in the city and I like going out and doing sport in the country.

Have you travelled much? Not allot, I’ve been to the UK three times. I’d like to climb some mountains!

What has been your most unusual buy or creation? Most unique? (he thinks because a lot of it has been unique) I love my lamp…and my shutters. I thought about this for a long time. Everybody said don’t rip up the floor boards, don’t do it….I then ripped up the floor boards. (we all laugh)

What has been the biggest challenge in this home? Trying to make everything work together. You must know your heart…I’d be driving and see something and know exactly that it would work with my  flat.

Do you want to do more to the flat? I don’t think so because my ideas have evolved now and I need a new canvas, I need to paint a new picture now. I’ve got to be challenged & this has reached its full potential.

Jared’s words:
On a summer’s day I love to…ride my bike
Home is…right here at 188 Clark Road.
The Drakensberg…is the best place to be in winter.
Max…is my baby.
Décor can become…something special when you get creative.
My creativity is always…like an endless well.
People think my style is…different.

Above: TV attached to wall by pipe brilliantly creative. Shutters made of the ripped up floor boards, which I belive are fantastic and then Jared’s creative space which entertains work and fitness.

Jared’s choices:
Restored or newRestored
Dark wood or light wood – Wood in general
Wooden floors or carpets – None, concrete floors
Paintings or prints – Neither
Sea or mountains – Both
Coffee or tea – coffee at Colombo

All photographs except his profile pictures are taken by Grant Pitcher. Thank Grant for these pictures!

The owner of this home is not only creative but a fitness lover. You can see that his home reflects a determination that flows right through his lifestyle. Thanks so much Jared for allowing Creative Stream to interview you and your home. Your creativity is contagious!

Jared’s quotes

“What I absolutely love is taking something and using it for a purpose that it was not intended for”

” It inspires me every time I walk in here and I smile. I love this place”

Jared’s work has been featured in Grant Pitcher’s website and Home Owner Magazine Face to Face article. Jared can be reached at

For More photographs by Grant Pitcher of Jared’s home and work, please see our gallery here.


8 thoughts on “Durban home of Jared Dwyer”

  1. Hi Jared – you will remember me from your assistance many years ago at a simplex I had rented out in Glenhills. I lived in another unit which was near Mitchell Park. The glass window on the lounge which weighed a ton was in danger of falling out – the MERANTI frame had dried out from the sun . You did a marvellous job with the replacement of the frame and glass – have read all about your lovely home – Mazeltov for this and your success! I too have a lovely little home in the Midlands – near the Berg ! Regards Jeanine –


  2. Hi Jared – you did a wonderful job for me many years ago at one of my units in the Glenhills area – it is no surprise that you have been so successful – Mazeltov ! I too have a lovely retirement place in the Midlands area – near the Berg – Greetings from me – Jeanine


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