Putting fabric scraps to good use

Have you ever wondered what on earth to do with your left over scraps of fabrics? You may have lovely pieces that are just too small to make into cushions or anything that is worth while but are too pretty or sentimental to just toss. Well, I have that problem. Sometimes I find myself in fabric shops buying just a meter of fabric because it is so pretty and knowing that, hopefully, one day I will have some use for it. Well that one day, ends up being a few months which matures into years. So I thought I would share a couple ideas that have motivated me to put my fabric scraps to good use, instead of having them hidden in storage boxes.

I absolutely love the “pumpkin” cushions – they are so innovative!

Image courtesy of blogger and etsy shop owner, Danielle Thompson.

Round hoops on the wall. This is a great way to throw some colour into a room or create a focal point with a collection of hoops. Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Patchwork cushion. Ensure that you use the same colouration of fabrics if you plan on doing something like this, mixing too many colours will appear busy and like you really have used every scrap of fabric you could get your hands on.

Image courtesy of Kronhaus

Try giving an old piece of  furniture a different take by inlaying a piece of fabric into one of its recesses, or perhaps lining the drawers or back.

Photo courtesy of SWITHEROOm

Round bulletin boards – a great idea for any office or kitchen.

Image courtesy of Little Pretty Studio

Wall squares can be taken a step further, a collection of squares can be made into a headboard.

Image courtesy of Killerbdesign

For those of you who are talented enough to do quilting and sewing, there is the lovely blanket or quilt for the bedroom or lounge.

Image courtesy of linen-and-silk

Have fun putting your fabric scraps to good use!

Until next time!

Lv Che’


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