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Wall Stickers for Children

I am so grateful for the emails I get or heads up on current finds. Thank you. Today is about wall stickers. Some of you might have used them before, some might not like them and others might not have ventured that way yet. So I would like to introduce some ideas and where to get them.

Thanks to Room Mates Peel and Stick you can browse through some lovely stickers. There are so many ideas! They even offer decor tips and have laptop stickers. If you are in US or Canada you can buy these with great ease, if you are anywhere else it might be cheaper to go local as they advised and some cartoon characters cannot be shipped over, so be sure to read their shipping policy where you will also find easy contact details if you not sure.

They peel off and can be used again, so excellent for change of scene or to create a vibe.

Safari Animal Stickers, Owl stickers, Tree stickers and Animal stickers.

Love the light and fresh Cloud stickers.

Boat stickers create mature and neat wall decor and the last 3 pictures are Chalk stickers which I think are great! So go and check out their website here.

Keep checking CS as there is more information on wall stickers coming up! Thought I would wet your appetite first 😉


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