Colour Series

Colour Series – Yellow

Hello. Hope you all are well? It’s getting cold here in Durban. So to brighten up the winter’s day, I thought I would write about the colour yellow. I love yellow. It’s beautiful and bright, It’s positive and it’s summery. Yellow impacts the dullest of rooms or decoration and it offers a neutral use for boys and girls. This colour is optimistic and brings creative thoughts. It is warm and encouraging. Purple, indigo and violet compliments yellow.

They say that yellow is an unstable and spontaneous colour, so avoid using it if you want to create a stable environment or room, in saying that yellow is a warm and cheerful colour for children’s rooms but can fade into white, so it’s suggested that you use a dark colour to compliment it. To be honest a dash of yellow is like a ray of sunlight in my books, so it can match almost anything.

First 6 photos above are via Style At Home. The last photo above is from Elle Decor via All Things Lovely.

Ohhh, I LOVE this bedroom via The Fickle Nickle.


3 thoughts on “Colour Series – Yellow”

  1. I like yellow as well, have been using this color in my designs a lot and people seems to like them very much, i hope it is very cold and horrible where u are, regards from unusual sunny London!!


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