Competition Time!

Hello friends! It is an exciting day because we are offering Creative Stream’s first competition. One of you lucky subscribers will stand a chance to WIN a 1hour studio photo shoot plus 1x A4 and 1x A5 prints with Beautiful Day.

This is very exciting, so please spread the word. Unfortunately this is for local subscribers as the shoot is held in Durban, South Africa.

How it work is pretty simple, just subscribe to Creative Stream, post a comment below telling me of your most Beautiful Day. The winner is to be announced on Wednesday 22nd of June 2011.

COMPETITION prize details:
Beautiful Day is offering a 1 hr studio photo shoot PLUS 1 x A4 enlargement and 1 x A5 enlargement of your choice! Valued at R1060!
Perfect for a family of 4/5. Bring personal props (eg musical instruments/toys etc) and make it a really fun experience!
Studio is based at 41 Kensington Dr, Durban North.
Call Danica Littleton on 0741818364 or email to book if you are the winner!

When you comment, link yourself to your twitter name, blog or website if you got one and spread the word! Competition closes 20th June and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 22nd June 2011. Good Luck!


7 thoughts on “Competition Time!

  1. It might seem cheesy to most, but for those who have been there – you’ll understand. I have never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day… One day when your hair and make up are done by professionals, you’re dressed like a princess and you’re about to marry the person who makes you the happiest… you can’t feel much more beautiful than that!


  2. My most beautiful day was perhaps the day my daughter was born, but on further reflection I think it may have also been on one of the ‘random’ days in the year since she was born where she’s just crept into our hearts – it could have been the day she said Mamma for the first time intentionally, or one where she gave extra cuddles… I think we’re blessed to live many beautiful days, it’s just about finding the beauty in each day! Right now, that beauty happens to be the cup of coffee in front of me 🙂


  3. I have so many BEAUTIFUL DAYS to choose from, but the one I am going to write about is the day my husband and I went to see our baby for the every first time at 6 weeks. As he stood by my side, holding my hand tight as we waiting in anticipation, joy and excitement to see our baby appear on the screen! What a miracle! Right before our eyes was our baby! Right there, was Gods plan and purpose, growing inside of my womb! Amazing! The Creator creating inside of me! Each DAY since then has been filled with BEAUTIFUL moments…from the movements and hic-ups in my womb to the days now with smiles, giggles and coo’s! What a blessing!


  4. My most beautiful day was the day I realised what salvation meant. I remember giving my life to the Lord but never thought much of it. Then a few days later my youth pastor called me up and said, “hey, you gave your life this past weekend, didn’t you?” I had. And at that moment where he was rejoicing like the angels do in heaven, I realised what it meant. It was a beautiful day. The sky, the grass, the world was new and was heaven. I have never turned away from the Lover of my Soul and will never reject the beautiful days He has given me every morning.


  5. My most beautiful day… Wow, it’s hard trying to collectively sort through all my happy memories and select one, just one. So.. I think the one most beautiful day I would like to title “My most beautiful day” would be the day I woke up as Mrs Hooper! Yes, the day after my my gorgeous wedding! The morning waking up next to the man of dreams, rolling over and realising that I would be doing this for the rest of my life, sharing a lifetime of experiences. Looking out the window and thinking this is it – the exciting journey begins! That to me, is the most memorable and beautiful day I can remember.

    My blog: PORTFOLIO –


  6. Thank you all for sharing your most beautoful days! its such a wonderful day to share and im so blessed to know about it. Congratulations to kelly for winning and for the others-there will be more competitions, so thank you so mcuh for rsponding! xxx


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