Kirsten Goss & her Precious Collection

Last week, I enjoyed one of the 3 evenings, for the very exciting launch of The Precious Collection by Kirsten Goss. The evenings focus, brought to a celebration, as the Rhino Ring twinkled on display for us Durbanites to see before making it’s precious way to Christie’s in London where it will be auctioned in aid of Project Rhino. This is one of the most exquisite rings I have ever seen. Meticulously designed and beautifully made, the heart behind it burning for the existence of our Rhino population.

Not only is the ring stunning but the team behind the making of it are humble, lovely, interesting and super creative. We were happy to have been able to meet the staff of Kirsten Goss and had a fantastic time, laughing, eating and of course drooling over the wonderful collections on display! If you look closely to the picture of the ring above, the one on the right, you will see the rhino between the bottom and middle terrace of the ring. White and black diamonds shine as many hearts do for the lives of our precious rhinos. I have been a Kirsten Goss enthusiast since meeting her a while back and think it’s about time I support this stunning women and her team by purchasing MANY of her items! I have my eye on one ring that I hope my husband loves just as much!

Here are some more beauts! Photos via African Day Dreams + Adorn London + Kirsten Goss

You can view the front page article of that evening in The Mercury  here.


2 thoughts on “Kirsten Goss & her Precious Collection

  1. What a beautiful right front footie Moocat has xxxxxx

    Kirsten Goss is lovely and what a wonderful cause, ring is eyecatching but maybe a bit uncomfortable to wear??


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