Yes people, the time has come. Entries close for the photo shoot competition today. The winner will be randomly picked and posted on Wednesday 22nd June!!


One thought on “Competition

  1. Well, my apologies for the delay… I have been thinking about this… I have 2 beautifull days. WHich, i know is an absolute blessing… Although possibly steriotypical, my 1st one was the day God blessed me with an angel…the most beautifull, preciouse gift that I have today… my daughter Kiara. Shehas helped me more than I have mothered her. She is a big part of who I am today! And she rocks! She makes each day BEAUTIFUL to me & I LOVE beautifull things!
    The 2nd, was the day my (now husband) proposed to me. My absolute most wonderfull man, took me to watch the sun rise at the beach, even though he was shaking inside & out, he maintained himself, and followed through with everything he so carefully planned. Breakfast & champagne, Jamie Cullam & Micheal Buble in the background… a poem & a ring… My handsome went on 1 knee & asked me to share his life with him! It saw so surreal! And THE most beautifull day! And as you know, I love beautifull things, and my husband shows me that each day!


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