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The Versatile Blogger

It is so nice when people share the love! Creative Stream received its first award! Thank you to Sunflowers & Spears a delightful blog that I have seen grow over the months. This idea is sweet and fun. The deal here is that I share 5 random facts about myself and then award 5 other bloggers…

1- I like to wake up early so that I have a loooong wake up period. I don’t like rushing, so I think a quiet early start, a bit of me time is always a winner.

2- Everytime I read blogs or work on CS, I need to have a mug of coffee or something to eat…dangerous I know!

3- Sometimes I feel so much inside my heart and mind and I get exhausted trying to share it or express what I mean, so it always comes out wrong.

4- Cooking is a place of relaxation for me.

5- I have the most random dreams and I write as many of them down.I often look back and can’t belive I actually dreamt it.

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers.

Che from Portfolio

Nicole from Ask Ashe

Idonette from Dvine Living

Jude from Colour Giggles

Kathy from Cherish


1 thought on “The Versatile Blogger”

  1. Oooh, my first blog award 🙂 Thank you, this sounds like too much fun and I’m going to get stuck right in and start thinking of 5 random facts about me and who I can pass the award on to!


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