Shelving with difference

Shelves seem a natural part starting up home. You eventually put up a shelf at some stage or another.  There is always room ready for some shelving options as they are practical, easy and can be beautifully done.

Of course its storage but its storage in a way that brings out your personality. As I mentioned before, I find that shelves are wonderful areas that ooze the owners scent and style. Years back I purchased shelves at a steel and adore them. But in my new home, I could not find a place for them without it cluttering the area and even considered selling them. I then decided to move the books and frames and place the shelving unit in my kitchen and expose my plates, recipe books and bowls etc. It looks great! And the bonus is that having once thought to sell them, I am so grateful that I thought out the box and used them for a different purpose (not to mention the extra cupboard space I now have for food!) I like shelving ideas that are different and used practically. So here are some examples of using shelves in a different way.


Photos in order from top to bottom, via 1 Apartment Therapy – Shelving behind the sofa. 9-PetPeoplesPlace– Movable shelving in bathroom 2- Apartment Theropy- Love the brackets used, modern and chic.3-BuildingNewsPro– Like the industrial shelving and storage. 4-lost link sorry, 5-Chow – Kitchen shelving, wood with steel edging, 6-  BeDifferentActNormal– Great for kids room, blending in the shelves, 7- Houxx, 8-Sarah Wandering– Modern and organised with great use of colour, 10-Kitchen Building – Open shelving creates practical and personal area.


5 thoughts on “Shelving with difference

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