Hello friends. Have any of you been to Colombo? I recommend you pop by if you are in Durban and taste some of their fantastic coffee. I introduced to some of the team through a stunning women called Max. She is so enthusiastic about this place, I had to go and check it out myself. Max, along with her partners-in-crime created a fabulous place to chill and enjoy the aroma of coffee being made to perfection, never mind sipping the warm welcoming taste. I was so busy looking around and speaking to their marketing director Kyle Fraser that my 1st cuppa went cold and they had to make me another one!

What I loved about it were many things but what I think made the experience for me was the people working there and the history that belongs there. It is the original mill and has such a historical vibe to it, its easy to lose yourself and relax. Picture #2 shows the tea they brew there. All kinds of sweet-smelling tea I cannot wait to taste. They also interested in the tetsubin tea pots and the tradition behind that, so who knows whats in store on the tea front!….Picture #3 show of coffee sacks all ready to be brewed, used or refined. Picture#4 is of an old mill…these original mills reflects different stages of the coffee production & how they modernize over time. The information I received in the short time I was there is so interesting but also so much, it’s a whole other blog.


And because I was there a while back I wanted to get this post up, before its old news. I shall be visiting there again, so will able to get a lot more info on the making of coffee and the kinds you get. I recon its a fascinating and creative procedure and I love coffee, so why not! For all you tea lovers, don’t despair, they are equally passionate about tea and as I mentioned earlier, they have lots to offer for any tea-lovers. (my husband will be happy about that!)

Here is some of the history.

Do you remember the Interview I did of Jared Dwyer and his inspirational home? Well Jared did a portable stand for Colombo which I recon is super creative!

If you want to follow news from Colombo, check out there blog here. You can join them in facebook here. They have LOTS in store and I will update you with any news I know. Max, thank you for showing us around and Kyle, you had so much information my brain was exploding! I will post more in a couple of weeks. Thank you.

Picture #1 Above is of Max! Picture#2 is of my coffee being made (the 2nd cup).Picture #3 Everyone hanging out and Picture #4 is of my sister and I.


2 thoughts on “Colombo”

  1. I love that place. Went there for the Food Night Market and it was such an incredible vibe. Thank you for reminding me of it. I must go for some coffee!


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