Colour Series

Colour Series- Grey

Yes, I can absolutely say I am a lover of grey. I love paintings that capture grey in them and enjoy looking at rooms with grey used; it’s slightly masculine but elegant and composed. It matches most other colours and offers a gentle approach.  It is by far my favourite colour at the moment and has been on my mind to use for some time. It matches blue, pink, white, black, brown, red…oh the list is endless. Take a good look at each of these examples and you will see how beautifully it works and how it compliments most colours…

Here are some ideas via House Beautiful.





Grey with white, gold and brown; Grey with black, white and royal blue; Grey with plum pink and white all create beautiful spaces. The blue/gray stone adds character to the entrance hall and the vintage four post bed lightens up the grey feature wall beautifully.

Colour Information: it is spelt Gray or Grey…depending on where you are from. They say it is normally liked by the loner character or by narrow-minded people BUT I not sure about that!  Grey with silver in it is an active colour. Grey creates a void or a flat tone and because of that it can create a restful and stabilizing effect. Used with bright colours it forms a cooling factor, causing the chaos of the bright colour to be toned down. So it compliments bright colours and is good if you want to creat a non-invasive room.




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