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Kate Debbo

The wonderful thing about knowing artists is that you find yourself surrounded by a lot of beautiful and creative things ANDM PEOPLE. Kate Debbo has such a unique and impactful style it’s very hard not to like her work. I can post about a few pieces of her art but I think I’ll do it in stages because I would like you to appreciate them each for what they are. Kate  has allowed Creative Stream to post about some of her work and I am SO happy about that as I have waited for the go ahead for a while now. What I like about Kate’s work is that she is not an artist pinned down to one form. She is diverse, being talented in illustration, abstract art, sculpting, charcoal drawings and painting. So you now understand why I am doing one form at a time.

Today’s work is of some portraits, drawn on wooden blocks. The faces on natural material set such a brilliant tone that it’s very hard to just choose one. Shown today are only 2 of the portraits.

The portraits were displayed in Ikhaya Store in Glenwood Durban but the last time I looked there was 1 left!

You can see the natural wooden lines coming through the art work and which creates such a raw aspect and natural african fragrance is hard not to enjoy. At a distance, the square block form a modern, clean and natural canvas.

If you would like to contact Kate about her work or place an order, please email her on

Kate-thank you for sharing some of your work with us all.

Watch this space for more work to come.


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