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Tracie Heasman – Photography


When you look at a photograph and see so much more than just the subject then you know it’s captured by someone with talent. When you can feel the emotion and you can almost feel the breeze in the photograph, then you know the person behind the camera has passion for what they do.

Tracie Heasman has indeed got passion. Her work focused mostly on children and weddings certainly captures moments and character with what seems like very little effort. You will notice her use of colour captured so perfectly. Her knowledge of light is seen in the photographs and that to me always portrays an eye for effective photography. With so many diverse photographers its hard to make a mark but Tracie has most defiantly made her mark. This New Zealander has captured many hearts with her eye for creative photographs, it is no surprise this is her passion, you can clearly see it in her work. I am so happy that Tracie agreed to being interviewed by me and I am even more thrilled for sharing her work with all of you.

Tell us a bit about yourself?  I’m mother to a beautiful 2-year-old boy named Leo. I live in Raglan with my husband and son. Raglan is a sleepy west coast town of New Zealand, which comes alive in Summer.

When did you start getting into Photography?  I’ve always loved everything photography and have poured hours and hours of my spare time into studying other photographers work.  I bought a digital SLR about 6 years ago, but was never happy with the results of my photos compared with all those amazing photographers whose photos I adored…Then my son Leo was born and I started taking photos obsessively everyday and eventually I figured out how to effectively use the manual setting!  My photos have improved tenfold since learning to have complete control over my camera.

Why do you love taking photographs?  I think there is beauty all around us that we often miss which a photograph can capture and portray perfectly.  I love being able to capture that beauty – whether it be a landscape, a giggling child or a bride’s look of adoration for her groom.   Also there is something about a photograph that you just don’t see in real-time. That split second captured in a photo can explain so much about the thoughts, feelings and emotions of a person that may have been missed if you were standing right there next to them. You are capturing a moment-in-time that will never ever be repeated…but the photo will help this particular moment stand still.

Is it an easy field to get into?  It can be very competitive, there are a LOT of very talented photographers out there…I think you need to find something to differentiate yourself to really succeed.

Tell us about life in NZ:  I imagine life in NZ  like that of life in SA…very much based around Summers at the beach, hanging with friends and family.  For my husband and I snowboarding in the Winter and camping in the Summer are our ideal way to spend our days, both of which we haven’t done since our son Leo was born!  But hopefully this Summer we will invest in a family tent and take him camping for the first time.

As before mentioned, photography can be competitive, tell us more?  I think it can seem competitive if you’re out on your own. But if you become part of a photography community like the NZIPP (NZ Institute of Professional Photography) then your fellow photographers become more colleagues than competition.

Is there a favourite photograph that you would share with us and why?  I do love this one of Leo and his two little friends Kora and Molly lined up along the fence.  I love the way it looks like there’s a story behind it – like they’re contemplating whether to jump over and make a run for it or not.

Do you find photographing children easier than adults or is it the other way around?  Children tend to be much easier – a lot more natural and uninhibited in front of the lens, where adults are quite reserved in front of the camera… but this is all part of the photographers job – to loosen them up and make them feel comfortable.

Being clearly creative, are there any other areas you find yourself to be creative in?  I love stencil art and have dabbled in it a bit… I just love Banksy‘s work.  Other than that, all aspects of photography.  I’ve often heard you should choose just one genre of photography and stink with it but I really love them all and want to learn all I can about every type of photography.

Would you hold an exhibition one day?  That is a dream of mine!  I have a love for landscape photography and am slowly building up a portfolio which I would love to exhibit one day….

Anything else you would like to share with Creative Stream?  Just that I love your blog!  Great ideas and so incredibly inspiring.

(Blushing… Thanks so much for that answer Tracie, you caught me by surprise xx)

I love her use of light in these wedding photographs. Such a dreamy effect of romance and sincerity.

Tracie’s thoughts

A lazy day is…….. a Saturday or Sunday at home with my husband and son, walks on the beach and playing in the park, with no specific place or time to be there – LOVE those days.
Hanging with friends & family… the way to spend a day in NZ.
My 50mm 1.4 lens… my baby.
If I were an animal, I would like to be…… a dolphin, because their life seems all about playful fun, and they always have lots of friends around them.
Jasmine Star (American wedding photographer).… who I would love to have coffee with.
Being creative is………. imperative to the life of a photographer.
Family life…….. is imperative.
My favourite song  is…….  “White Moth” by Xavier Rudd.. gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!
I would explain my home as……. comfy.
Today is………. a good day to be out with my camera!

Tracie’s Choice

Black & white or Colour photography – I read somewhere once –  “when you photograph somebody in colour you photograph their clothes, when you photograph them in B&W you photograph their soul” which I think is such an appropriate quote.  It is so much harder to get a striking photo in B&W, but when you get it, it wins tenfold over colour, in my opinion. 
Skirts or trousers – hmmm… probably skirts, but I don’t do skirts nearly as often as I’d like!  For me trousers are comfort and I do like being comfy.
Red or blue – Red
Hair down or hair up: Up when I’m working (dreads can be very off-putting to some clients!) and down at home (cos they can get very heavy up all day!)
Macro lens or Zoom lens:  ZOOM!  I love zoom lenses for weddings, they allow you to take candid photos of people from far away without them knowing – this can make for some very funny / emotional / spontaneous shots.
Pasta or pizza:  I LOVE Pasta
Ocean or Mountains… Ooooh that’s a hard question… I live by and love the ocean… but I also love to snowboard!  I couldn’t possibly choose – both have a special place in my heart..

Tracie- Thank you so much for sharing your love for photography with us and for showing us your work and a little piece of who you are.

I enjoy writing about people’s dreams and passions for creativity. Everyone has that something creative in them, it’s a matter of recognising it and it’s so encouraging that everyone has their owns story of how they end up doing what they love. I am a true believer that if we all search to find what we gifted in, then you will excel in it and do that thing (whatever it is) with such ease, it would almost seem like you living a dream instead of working.

As for contact details, you can reach Tracie direct from her website here. Or join her on Facebook here.


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