Creative Ways to Display your Photographs

Photographs are never-ending. They always increase in mass or if you like me, you hardly ever print them, they just stay on your memory stick desperate to get out there and show themselves! So today’s post is on finding some creative ways to display your photographs and in turn creating the chance to rotate your photograph display to avoid them collecting dust or getting lost on your computer…

First example from The Design Boards is fun and neat. If you really have the time you can colour match them to create a pattern from far. Second example from E-Online  is a very cool idea if you want to change it regularly.

The above example made as if to create a wall paper effect. See how on the edges they half done. Great effect seen from TheAlibabaCave.


These two above have that vintage look. Exposed string and skirting hooks used to hang the old frames from Southern Living and the old photographs pinned to a cork board with dividing bars-almost like a notice board or library board seen via Country Living.


Brighten up your old photographs by using colourful boarders as seen via E-How and then lastly combining your photograph colours with your accessories is a fantastic way to create an equal neat look in any room as seen on Home Decoration Center Blog.


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