Using Jars Creatively

Glass is beautiful. You can get all kinds of objects made of glass which is used in so many ways but today’s post is specifically about Jars. In my home we have a habit of keeping our glass mayonnaise jars and our tomato ketchup bottles. We clean them,  remove the stickers and use them daily for usage from vases to candle holders to storing rice and fridge water. It’s cost effective and it’s creative and it’s a plain easy way of re-using glass. May I add it’s also pretty. Here are some examples.

Photograph above show pens and pencils being stored in the jars. I love that idea and do it myself at home. What I also like was the way they have spray painted them gorgeous colours of green and blue. Seen via Pinterest. The second example was one I have seen a few times before, where you knit a cover or use a sleeve from an old jersey and “sock” the vase. Great if you want to create a warm effect and change colours in the room. Seen via  Planet Green Discovery.

Light in glass creates such a stunning effect. Above are 2 ways. One using a globe and making your jar a lamp shade. Love that idea seen from Spinning My Yarn. The second way is by placing candles in the jars. I also do this at home and it a fantastic way of preventing wind from blowing the candles out and in creating a fabulous ambiance. Seen on Marvin Blog.

Above are more examples of spray painting jars for any occasion or simply for a change. I love that idea as seen via 100 Layer Cake and Fix Home Design.

Storage and neat organisation is welcome in most kids rooms or even adult areas! Above is an example as seen via Pinterest.

Flowers, freshly picked from the garden and put in your Jars are simply gorgeous for any place. Seen via Celebration.

I had seen pebbles being displayed in jars but never eggs! I think it’s brilliant. Seen via Country Living.

Well… Have no delay. Go help recycle glass by using your jars for…well, almost anything! Go on get creative.


6 thoughts on “Using Jars Creatively

  1. Great post Debs 🙂 whenever I think of glass jars I think of you!
    It’s a super creative way to store stuff and it’s nice to the planet too 🙂


  2. Great post. I love the painted ones for pen/pencil storage. Consol actually make those jars with the black chalkboard section on the front as per the Pinterest picture. I’ve sometimes seen them at Pick n Pay, but you can also go to one of the Consol stores…


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