Colour Series

Colour Series- White

For a while now homes shared around the blogosphere as well as magazines are revealing their passion for white. A lot of white is used to set the canvas of basically any room. But how do you get creative with white? Let’s be frank-all colours blend with white but you could have an array of colours in a white room and if you not careful, you can end up having a messy effect instead of a serene effect.

Photograph #1 taken by Stuart McIntyre for Skona Hem.

#2 & #3 Are taken by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer of her own home interior. Stunning isn’t it?

Photograph #4 reveals how just a simple bit of greenery and dash of colour can warm up this classical room found via Skona Hem.

#5 & #6 Are photographs of a beautiful apartment crisp and fresh with dashes of characteristic colour seen via Skona Hem by photographer Pernilla Hed.

Information on white: We all know white is peaceful, innocent, calming and bright. What white also brings to the table is ‘the manifestation of the presence of all colour” which I think is a fantastic way to explain white. White glorifies other colours. It also provides a clutter free effect as well as a fresh “new” feeling. It reveals purity and openness.

#6 & #7 are v ia Skona Hem.


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