Design Capital update!

It is very exciting if one of your cities was to carry a trophy of sorts which allows the rest of the world to see us with a different light or perhaps a different perspective. For the 2014 Design Capital bid, our very own Cape Town was nominated (for those who don’t know) and could be awarded the title for the city that uses design for social, economic and cultural development.

“Our bid recognizes and mobilises Cape Town’s considerable design resources towards addressing the legacies of our City’s apartheid past. It is aimed specifically at dealing with the vast imbalances that exist in our society and is organized into three broad themes: Rebuild Cape Town through community cohesion; Reconnect Cape Town through infrastructural enhancement, and Reposition Cape Town for the knowledge economy.” from Cape Town 2014

Bilbao (Spain), Cape Town (Africa) and Dublin (Ireland) are the three shortlisted cities that will move through the evaluation process to receive the nomination of World Design Capital 2014. Cape Town has just finished their visit from the World Design Capital committee and we are all excited to hear who the appointed city will be on the 26th October!

This is fantastic news for all here in South Africa and I cannot stress enough what an amazing privilege it will be as I know so much passion and heart goes into creating and designing. This benchmark will not only unite creative’s and build up civil moral but will encourage entrepreneurship, build up an enthusiasm to reach bigger, reconnect the community as well as unite a nation in a language that we all know about or have been interested in, Creativity.

Everybody give a big Wooha!

For more information, go here. And get the badge here.


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