Creative storage for Children

I’m not a mother yet but I know many moms and I am sure they would appreciate some storage inspiration for their children. I don’t like mess (I can hear all moms laugh at this point!)  and having looked after many precious children in London, I have always appreciated an efficient method of cleaning up after them or getting kids involved in tidy up time. It is finding that method that works for you and your children.

For babies, I think you so often wrapped up on making sure the little one is alright that you regularly exhausted at the thought of cleaning up after yourself and by 6pm you find powder, toys, bottles and cushions all over the place.

Happily I found a great website, called the The Land Of Nod. They work in dollars and can ship their products. I liked their creative solutions for storage so I thought I would share it! All photographs are via their website here.

#1-2 How simple but effective are those baskets or bucket ideas?

#2-4 Great wall storage, Magazine holder and magnetic board and then a pin boards for multi uses.

#5-6 Easy bathroom storage and then fantastic bed storage.

#7-8 If only my cupboard looked this organised! Might take some time to get it going but if kept neat, this storage is perfect and then mobile storage is always a winner.

#9 Is a great way to store magazines, books and colour books.

#10 And lastly I’m sorry, I know the picture below has nothing to do with storage, But I just LOVE this white leather rocker found at The land Of Nod ….and I belive it is a great place to store your bottom!


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