Vintage Beds

The first time I fell in love with a vintage bed was when I read about Jonathan Cane’s home in Home and Leisure magazine. The bed is absolutely beautiful and with the black plain linen it really made such an impact and I started thinking I would like to buy one myself. For the life of me I cannot trace the photograph without having to pay Gap Interiors for it. So im afraid I cannot show you. If you go  to their website you will see it there. It’s beautiful! Below are some  other great beds and encouraging styles. Just use your imagination and look past the current state you might find them in and know that with a bit of TLC, they can look gorgeous! Enjoy.

Above photograph from Onsite Gallery. Below taken by Polly Wreford seen in Canadian House and Home and third photograph is from Royal Wedding Magazine.

I really love these green vintage singles below and their matching tables! Makes me feel like im back in the Irish Castle I stayed in once. Sourced here.

Above, the simple bed frame as via Skona Hem.

Really like the white french bed displayed above, not so keen on that green but the white bed looks very romantic seen via Interior Design.

The last few photographs are from the French Finds website. Go take a look, their pieces are beautiful.


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